Thursday, January 31, 2013

Words of wisdom: "I shouldn't have to prove to you that I'm good enough for you"

"But you know, I shouldn't have to prove to you that I got my shit together.
You should be able to love me regardless. That's what love and commitment is.
You don't leave someone behind when they're struggling.
You work on things together.
You tell them everything.
When you're feeling like shit, when you're up, when you're down.
That's life and life shouldn't have to be about me proving to you that I am good enough for you.
You should be able to know that already.
Life isn't a pair of rosy sunglasses.
Life is hard. Life is tough. Life is not always fun.
But you keep going and you help each other out.
You don't walk all over them and spit on them or shun them or judge them.
You work things out.
You don't let things go unclear and dodgy.
You speak the truth."

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