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I sure hope this whale takes me somewhere awesome.

name: Claire Miglionico
education:  Bachelor of Communication in Journalism
from: Canada
birth city: Montpellier, France
childhood city: Montreal, QC
current city: Calgary, AB
birthday: May 19
astro: Taurus/snake
righty/lefty?: lefty
occupation: blogger/freelancer
graduate studies?: perhaps
dream job: writing intertwined with some form of art or vice versa
past jobs: editor at Calgary Fashion
activities: yoga, writing & blogging, sewing
winter sports: ice skating, snowboarding (when I can afford)
summer sport: biking
interests: art history/interior design, films, fashion, photography
random fact: I enjoy writing about men fashion
mags: The Yoga Journal, Elle Canada, design.art.fashion mags
books: yes
pet: Toupi my 14-year-old cat.
music : yes
films : yes
TV: Californication, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
ideal living: loft, tree house, little house, one-bedroom apartment
country I'd like to visit: Australia
travels: yes
favourite travel spot: Sorrento, Italy. I'd go back there in a heartbeat.
quality I value the most in a person: honesty
red or white wine: white
colours: warm tones
second-hand?: all the way
DIY advocate?: yes and yes!

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