Wednesday, October 19, 2011

LG Style

On right, Sarah from 442 McAdam. Luxury bag designer from Calgary relocated in Toronto. 
Fashionable ladies outside the LG tents
Toronto journalists. Apparently fashion journalism ain't making dough either. Girl on left gave me interesting insight on lack of funds in fashion magazines. 
Other fellow journalist lookin stylish. 

Monday, October 17, 2011


So I made it to Toronto! Fashion Week is starting tonight and I'm looking forward to filming runway footage for the Calgary Fashion documentary.
More later!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fashion Column #1: Fashion Flashback

Headline: Fashion Philosophy: Keep it Real
Byline: Claire Miglionico - Fashion Columnist

Fashion is an extremely personal matter. Since grade school, I remember having an odd style. It wasn’t necessarily fashion forward, it was just different. I wasn’t anti-trend; I just wore clothes that I liked and that was all. One day at school, I decided on wearing two headbands instead of one. Frankly, it wasn’t to hold a fashion statement but mainly to hold my growing bangs in place.
In band class that very same day, a classmate of mine called me on it.
“Why are you wearing two headbands?” she asked looking really disgusted. “You’re weird,” she added two seconds later.

It was the early 2000’s and we were in grade 8. Junior high wasn’t the best time for individuality: back then, conformity was your best bet, especially if you wanted to belong. I never liked the idea of looking like everyone else and to this day, I am a firm believer in individualistic attitudes towards fashion and towards life in general. My style philosophy is to stick to what I like and not focus on what is supposedly “in”, wear clothes that are comfortable and that will not break the bank. Choose what works for you and make it your own.

Now, at age 22, I am a full-time MRU student finishing up my journalism degree. Over the five years I’ve been at MRU, I have noticed our student body is quite awesome when it comes to maintaining a unique style. I’ve crossed male students in full linen suits (that weren’t aviation students I may add), and female students in quirky outfits.
I’m sure ACAD students rock the style grid but I take pride in thinking MRU students know how to dress with personality.

I like to think I can dress well but I also know there are days I can look like I put little effort in what I wear. Although I am a fashion enthusiast, I don’t take fashion too seriously and will rarely be caught in something that looks uncomfortable (i.e, stilletos, super tight mini-dresses, plastic shirts etc). There are times where I will show up to school in a tuque and no makeup and other times where I feel like dressing up a bit more. Like most students, I have little spending money and, as of now, I try to think of unique ways I can combine the clothes I already have without having to wear the same outfit everyday. I love quirky personalities like Zooey Deschanel’s and appreciate her unique sense of style best. I have a thing for the “boy look” – the bow-tie, the suspenders, the blazer, the Oxfords – that singer Janelle Monae or actress Diane Kruger pull off and live for independent sounds offered by artists like Toro Y Moi.

On the side, I work part-time at our beloved campus pub The Hub and hold the position of editor at Calgary Fashion, a local fashion blog. Calgary Fashion has been an opportunity of a lifetime for me. As Calgary Fashion’s editor, I write stories, take photos and update our Tumblr on top of updating our main website on a weekly basis. This past spring/summer, I started at Calgary Fashion as an editorial intern. What was meant to be a four-month internship turned into a long term love affair. It’s a real treat to work with a unique group of fashion enthusiasts that holds a similar easy-going attitude towards life, style and fashion and to have the opportunity to attend fashion shows and events throughout the city. A highlight of mine was sitting front row at Parkluxe, a fashion show that showcased four local designers organized by the non-profit organization PARK.

In mid-October, Calgary Fashion will be heading to Toronto for LG Fashion Week. I’d like to dedicate my next column to my first experience at a high-caliber fashion runway event. I’d also love to explore the comeback in men fashion and touch upon the historic beginnings and ends of certain articles of clothing while keeping a personal perspective on fashion and making the column student-friendly. Cheers.

E-mail your fashion questions/topic suggestions at or Tweet me @ClaireMig.

Top Photo: This photo is of friends and I in grade 7. It’s easy to find me: I’m sporting an awful combination of light-weight orange pants and a 60’s inspired bright blue and red “college” sweater while everyone else is wearing the ultimate fashion staple at the time : “Roxy” shirts. Although I looked odd, I was always comfortable with what I wore.

Bottom Photo: My style now is a little more polished but I definitely stick to what I like. I’m still not much into looking completely dolled up. I usually keep something unchanged. It’s usually my unruly hair that I don’t bother about. I actually tie it up with a vegetable elastic band because it holds better, no joke.
Photo by Eymeric Widling