Sunday, January 13, 2013

Melissa & Claire = priceless

I usually don't post on things I do but this has to be made into an exception!
My friend Melissa, who lived in Seoul and who shares this appreciation for Korean food and culture, took me to this little hole in the wall on 9th Street and 7th Ave. It pretty much shares a wall with Crack Mac's and above, a packade.

It is called Don Day and it's pretty freaking amazing, my friends!

We shared a couple things to bite on (Melissa proceeded to show me how to cut with chop sticks PROPERLY because I was just going nowhere with my shitty chopstick cutting skills), drank too much and watched K-pop, which I found to appreciate quite fondly after a couple shots of that delicious 14% plum liquor and a couple glasses of SoJu (19%).

After the second shot, I was quite reluctant do to a third right away. Props to Melissa for doing shots like a pro!

We shall meet again Soju!

Photo credit: Sequined Strawberries

The hole-in-the-wall we went to!

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