Sunday, August 26, 2012

Designer Dimanche: David Dixon

The best is often saved for last. For most fashion experts, David Dixon’s s/s 2012 collection – the second last show before Denis Gagnon – was a pure delight. He delivered beautiful cocktail dresses, feminine gowns and blouses/pencil skirts combos while staying true to his colour palette of choice : pastel yellows, whites and blacks. The restricted use of these colours made for a harmonious collection.
Larger-than-life butterfly prints were spotted on a few blouses and floor-length gowns. Personally, I found the collection to be too typical. The designs were elegant but lacked that avant-garde or adventurous feel I like to see in designs. The lines were classic and lacked sculptural properties. Most gowns and cocktail dresses looked straight out of a regular prom dress shop where I could actually see David Dixon’s collection make profit. Moreover, I thought the butterflies were, in my eyes,  not such a good addition to the collection. Don’t get me wrong, butterflies are pretty but, in this case, they came across as a childish and poor design choice. There were a couple pieces I could see friends wearing, but never did I come across a design I would want for myself. Dixon is nonetheless a talented designer, but in upcoming years, I’d love to see a creative shift in his designs. Perhaps David Dixon, similarly to Judith & Charles like to stay true to the norms and designs that will remain classics until the end of time. Everyone has their own design style after all and everyone will have diverse opinions on such matter.
-Claire Miglionico

Photo source: Real Style Network

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Designer Dimanche: Judith & Charles

On the fifth and final day, guests got a peep at Judith and Charles’ spring/summer 2012’s collection. Instead of showing off the new collection in the usual runway format, Judith and Charles opted for an installation in the studio space where guests were able to admire the clothes up front and personal. The outfits were set up on simple mannequins which were lined-up on a raised platform in the middle of the studio space. Among guests were Fashion TV’s Jeanne Beker and Canadian fashion model Stacey Mckenzie. All guests were treated to gift bags which were piled up near the entrance. Most did not hesitate on grabbing one (or two) on their way in. Judith and Charles stayed true to their style: classic cuts with pastel colours mixed with pops of bright hues like oranges and yellows which are very typical colours for spring and summer. The collection was made up of long-fitted blazers, pleated skirts of cream-coloured hues and sleeveless tops paired with cropped shorts. I dearly admired the bright yellow blazer paired with a black jumper although it reminded me a little too much of something my mother would of worn in the 80s.
The studio space made for the perfect place to mingle, grab a glass of champagne and look at the choice of outfits with other guests. Judith and Charles has a flair for simple, elegant and timeless pieces and although I wasn’t expecting much from the installation, I greatly enjoyed the feeling of not having to rush into my seat. Instead, I was able to soak Judith and Charles’ collection piece by piece and think more highly of their modern and fitted designs.
- Claire Miglionico

Photo credit: Jenna Marie Wakani for Fashion Magazine

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Designer Dimanche: Anu Raina

Designer Anu Raina is the perfect example of the kind of diversity we have here in Canada. Raina’s Indian roots are fully present in her s/s 2012 collection “Murano” as beautiful splashes of colour were omni-present in her designs. “Murano” was inspired by glass chandeliers made in Murano, Italy and their play on light and colour.
I love colour therefore this particular collection was a favourite of mine at fashion week. Raina is not only a textile designer but also an artist and therefore her designs were like pure work of arts.
“My work is my art and the fabric is my canvas,” she says.
She has a rare artistic sensibility that was wonderfully rendered in her bright blue palazzo pants, dainty peter-pan collars, swirls, vibrant florals, 60s-inspired T-shirt dresses and a floor-length dress with a watercolour-like chandelier design. For fabrics, she uses silk, viscose and linens. I like the simplicity of Raina’s designs, the free-flowing movement of her garments, and her styling the best. No jewelry was sighted on models and her outfits were coordinated with great minimalist taste. The yellow-green tye-dye tee-shirt dress was paired with the perfect suede booties of deep blue shade and was a great style inspiration. Anu Raina is undeniably a Canadian designer to watch out for.
– Claire Miglionico

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Designer Dimanche: Lovas

Wesley Badanjak is the creative director behind his fashion label Lovas. He says one of the greatest fashion advice he has ever received was to follow his instincts, not trends. This advice was certainly followed for his s/s 2012 collection which was apparently inspired by his travels through the Caribbean sea. The collection stood out with an all-ethnic cast of tropical models, breezy blouses, hues and grandiose feathered head pieces. Badanjak stuck to oranges, corals, white, black and sand colours. He created a chic island girl look completely unique and distinct from other fashion week designers. Sometimes the supposedly tropical look took on another appearance: the coral shift dress paired with a beaded belt in combination with the model’s long messy braids made me think of romanticized Pocahantas fashion more than that of an island girl.
Anita Clarke from Toronto-based fashion blog I Want I Got was quite impressed by Badanjak’s island-inspired collection. In a one-on-one interview conducted by Calgary Fashion’s Daniela Codreanu, she said:
“Wesley and I have an understanding. He knows that usually his stuff is not my style. I appreciate that it’s always well made. He is very excellent at making clothes and putting [them] together. Construction is always fantastic, but THIS time it was like [a] perfect storm. The style was on to what I personally would like. Everything on that runway I would wear!"
It’s true. Every runway outfit was not only beautifully crafted but extremely wearable. The feathered head pieces were a highlight: they were the perfect addition to a long ruffled black dress and a 60s mod shift dress in black and white stripes on sand .
– Claire Miglionico

Photo source: fashion