Monday, January 14, 2013

Obsession: terrariums

Photo credit: Ciera Design

I fell in love with these little globes of green at December's Market Collective.
I am the proud owner of a little terarrium myself, and although it went through a "breaking to pieces" mishap, the plant itself is still kicking in its new U-shaped vase. 
What's great about terrariums are their DIY qualities.  I bought mine fully put-together but its shattered state left  me with nothing but the living. 
I was so saddened by my little green buddy with no home that I emailed the creator pleading for a solution. Well, the solution wasn't hard to find: I needed an open glass container, a couple rocks for added decor, and some gravel or pebbles.
Terrariums are highly decorative, and do not require more than a couple drops of water a week. 
Done and done!

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