Friday, July 8, 2011

Wear 'Em Boots, and Cowboy Hats. What's new?

I'll be honest: I'm usually not a big Stampede fanatic but this year I feel like it could be fun to come up with cute Stampede-ish outfits. I mean, why not, right? Yes, 'em white cowboy hats are extremely tacky and the plaid shirts are over-done but it could be interesting to mix and match a few items of clothing for a unique cowboy/cowgirl look.
I'll probably take a look in my closet later tonight but I doubt I have much stuff that fits the theme. Or maybe I do?
People tend to stay at jeans, plaid shirt, cowboy hat and boots. I like the idea of pairing a prairie-like floral dress with a straw cowboy hat and moccasin boots instead of the good old cowboy boots. Or a jean vest with frayed jean shorts. Even a plaid shirt with a pair of belted white shorts could work. I just want to stay away from the usual although there is nothing wrong with that either (I like complicated ;)). I found a couple cute looks off the web I really like -->
floral dress + jean vest = nice

belted long plaid shirt + fringe bag + hat & boots = sexy

heeled suede boots + tailored vest + flowy dress = modern

tucked-in plaid shirt into rolled up jean shorts = hipster

cute western bag = accessorizing= awesome
jean jumper + cool hat = yay
cute pale top + rolled up jean shorts = put a hat on and it's all good

plad shirt + belted white shorts = that's what I'm talkin' 'bout!

jean jacket + belted flower-printed dress + guitar + boots = style heaven

Oh and I must say, Kate & Will pulled off the cowboy wear at the Stampede grounds yesterday and at the parade this morning. Kate especially could pull off being a rodeo queen or something. Well, she is royalty after all.

- Claire