Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Treehouses, the psychology of clothes and Cat Power

Tree houses

I have a fascination with tree houses. Thinking and reading about them brings me joy, peace, and some lightheartedness into my life. There is something extremely poetic about them. The thought of having my own tree house one day, tucked away in the woods or facing a beautiful scenic view of a lake, a mountain or ocean....a retreat of my own, to meditate, read, knit, write and reflect. Wouldn't that be pure bliss? The idea of these tree houses, these living structures, communing with nature....it makes me dream. One day, I want to create an association and a community of like-minded people who believe in this renewed sustainable sense of living. "The Tree Housing Sustainability Program".
Who's in?

The psychology of clothes

I was reading this article today in Elle Canada about this costume designer who talked about the psychology of clothes and what they tell you about the character portrayed by the actor at play. This topic is one that fascinates me. What do my clothes tell you about me? What do your friends' clothes tell you about them? It's true, there are certain days we dress in certain colors or textures, and other days, we opt for darks hues or minimalist outfits. I think sometimes it's a conscious decision but other times a subconscious one. For example, when I feel good about myself, I usually tend to have these great outfits put together. When I'm feeling like my self-esteem has taken a hit, I usually bum around in a hoody and jeans. But perhaps for others it's the other way around: when they feel good they might want to dress casual in a hoodie and jeans and when they feel like their self-esteem is at a low, they dress real good almost as a way to feel better about themselves. Thoughts?

Cat Power

Again, Elle Canada: I always read about inspiring topics and people in this great mag. Tonight I read this interview on Cat Power and her honesty brought me to tears after I YouTubed a couple of her songs. I always knew of Cat Power but I had never taken the time to read up on her or listen to her music. Everything that she said in that interview hit really close to home. She talks about the nature of our current society, the idea of renewal through the clothes that have been lived in – the magical wonders of thrift shopping that is. She also talks about heartbreak and how "she wanted to achieve security and family" and how hard it was now that she had lost it all. She also talks about how Karl Lagerfeld sent her flowers with a card that said "We've missed you, we can't wait to see you" which evokes that feeling of not being alone, of actually having people by your side who care about you and who want you around.
The following relationship insight really gave my heart a jolt: "...[T]he simplest things can be destroyed so quickly through miscommunication...."
Communication: how I wish it was more readily accessible to us. It shouldn't be hard to express how we feel, but sometimes we choose not to because we are afraid of our emotions, our feelings, our vulnerabilities. We are afraid of judgement, rejection or confrontation.
Why be afraid of communication when it is what moves us forward in life, brings us closure, hope or security?


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