Monday, November 5, 2012

Anu Raina: inspired by her grandfather's garden

I have been searching for inspiration.
Enters Anu Raina's spring/summer 2013 collection lookbook which was inspired entirely from memories of her grandfather's garden. What a great tribute.
Beautiful concept rendered into a beautiful bouquet of flirty and dreamy summer dresses.

Dreaming is so beautiful and even more beautiful when we are transforming these dreams into reality.
As you can tell, I have been soul-searching lately. This time to write and sit down in front of a writing device whether it'd be my newly acquired 1950s typewriter or my now deteriorating six-year-old Macbook has been truly refreshing.
It has been giving me hope about the lifestyle I'd like to live. I like writing and I want to write for a living.

Raina writes:

"Tathya's garden: My SS13 collection of prints is inspired by my memories of witnessing the majestic Echinaceas, the dew drop laden Daisys on the lazy Sunday mornings, the beautiful Pomegranate trees that humbly bore the weight of the biggest and reddest ever Pomegranates, the riot of colour and fragrance that invaded the senses as you walked into Tathya's Garden through heavy and massive wood/metal doors. Tathya was my maternal grandfather who lived in a large house by a beautiful stream in Kashmir. He was a quiet Mathematics teacher who loved his garden the most. While the little kingdom of flowers faded away with time, this collection is a tribute to the happy and carefree childhood spent playing in Tathya's garden."

It is Raina's simple yet beautiful creations that touched my soul today.  I hope it touches yours too.

This week, I will be applying to a magazine internship in Calgary. Wish me luck.


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