Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Horoscope, almost too real

I want to share my horoscope from today. It is quite extraordinary how I see myself in it.
Perhaps my mind is open to it hence my ability to connect with it.
Right this moment, this is exactly how I am feeling. Incredible how things can be at times! Coincidence or not, I am taking this one in for deeper reflection.

Here it is:

November 20, 2012 - Taurus -

Health: Everything is going better. You are opening up. This is a good time to meet people. You are always more attractive when you project this radiant energy.

Love: Make peace with your painful past that was filled with pitfalls. It's time to look to the future with optimism. Jupiter is pouring its horn of plenty over you.

Money: You finally accept to listen to what your wallet is telling you. Live according to your financial means.

Work: Do not get involved in conflicts at work. Ignore your rivals. You are not strong enough to deal with it right now. 

Source: mytelus.com 
Photo from: http://wisdomquarterly.blogspot.ca 

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