Sunday, July 22, 2012

Designer Dimanche: Tosca Delfino

Tosca Delfinos luxury swimwear show was a highlight of the week. Swimwear is sometimes not as easy to showcase as full attires but in this case, designer – Delfino – strived for a fashion show to remember.  Delfino has had “over 10 years of international experience working in the fashion industry”. She has worked at the prestigious fashion house of Missoni and with fellow Canadian designer Arthur Medonca. Her stint at Missoni is highly reflected in her choice of colours, prints and patterns of her swimwear and beach apparel for her s/s 2012 collection. Her “aquatic creations” are said to be inspired by her love of art and travel. As a result, Delfino has even developed her own prints. The runway show opened up with a video of a model in Tosca Delfino swimwear skydiving in the Cayman Islands. It made for an unusual but amusing opener. The choice of music was excellent with chills running down my spine when Adrian Lux’s Teenage Crime accompanied catwalking models down the runway. All models sported nude pumps and hair was loosely styled for the perfect beach look.
The collection had a vintage concept and a tribal indie chic-inspired look. Most two-piece swimsuits had hip hugging bikini bottoms that brought us back to the 60s. There were many tye-dye inspired patterns and a couple cute ocean blue swimsuits with prints of white whales. A maxi skirt paired with a black bandeau swim top and bottoms depicted the CN Tower in a canvas-like way. The tribal chic look was highly depicted with a similar maxi skirt on which a tribal women was printed. Each piece had a look of its own and the additional cute beach headwear, sheer tunics, sunglasses and skirts incorporated among one and two-piece swimsuits kept things fresh and funky.
- Claire Miglionico

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