Sunday, July 8, 2012

Designer Dimanche: Amanda Lew Kee

Amanda Lew Kee graduated from Ryerson University’s bachelor of design in 2010. In 2008, she started her own jewelry line which then progressed into women’s ready-to-wear. For her s/s 2012 collection, she incorporated green plastic visors that instantly made me think of Lacoste. Lew Kee’s designs were no where near Lacoste’s conservative cuts but the tennis/sporty influence was there. It was as if Lew Kee had raided Lacoste shops across the country and revamped its collections entirely with gold zipper detailings, kaleidoscope-inspired prints, electric blues and silks.

Amanda Lew Kee, photo by Jenna Marie Wakani for Toronto Life

The runway show was composed of fifteen summer-ready outfits of various kinds. I liked how Lew Kee thought of creating an entire and exciting wardrobe instead of focusing only on key pieces such as dresses or dress shirts. Dress shirts were present and so were tennis skirts, biker shorts, pants, maxi and razor back dresses. This collection was by far one of my favourites because of its nifty designs. A model strutted in a silk dress shirt and white leather front biker shorts. The details were simply amazing: from the bust up, the shoulders were covered in sheer white silk while the rest of the dress shirt was patterned in blue, orange and purple kaleidoscopic prints minus the cuffs that were also kept white. As for the biker shorts, the white leather surrounded a centered band of see-through material on each thigh front which fitted tightly around the thighs hitting right above the knee. Each outfit was paired with glossy all-black saddle- or brogue-like shoes.
Lew Kee has already worked closely with the entertainment industry. She has worked with HBO’s True Blood, Deadmau5 and has been recognized as “a designer to watch” in publications such as The Globe and Mail, Teen Vogue and FLARE Magazine. We might as well start watching her closely too!
– Claire Miglionico

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