Thursday, April 14, 2011

H&M - la grande ouverture! (grand opening)

For those who may not know, yesterday was the grand Hennes and Mauritz opening at The Core downtown. It is a two-story store with the widest selection I've seen in an HM store in Calgary. It was a closed event to a good 200 people (if not more). Many attendees won free entry to the 6 to 10 shopping extravaganza through a Calgary Fashion contest. Others through phone companies like Virgin Mobile (Biancs!) etc. The entire store was 20%, except for the newly "Conscious" line. I welcomed the 20% discount with wide-opened arms shopping for 6 article of clothing from open 'til close. My friends and I were the last ones in the store. I think it is the most time I have ever stayed in one store at once.
Not only was the shopping great, but the champagne, the cocktails, the chocolates filled with baileys irish cream and the live DJ music created a great lively atmosphere. An honestly well-orchestrated event with friendly staff and great service!

Welcome to the latest H&M in Calgary
VIPs shopping around
Shoes I dig
Group shot!

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