Sunday, April 24, 2011

Flashback: Threads of Vietnam

Looking at my Vietnam photos two weeks after landing back in Canada didn't have the same effect they have on me today. Now a year later (I left for Vietnam in April 2010), every photo seems so much more beautiful and interesting to look at. There seems to be a story behind them all.

I thought I'd share a couple photos through this blog. Not only did I enjoy the breath-taking sceneries, but I also thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful people and their beautiful ethnic attires.

Take a look...all photos were taken by moi :)

This little girl must have been 6-years-old and yet she was already working the fields with her parents. It was interesting to see the difference in lifestyles from here to there, in Vietnam.

The hats on the children's heads are meant to keep the bad spirits away. We were not supposed to take photos of them because this ethnic group believed photos took away their kids' souls. I refrained from taking photos after this comment. I like taking photos of people but I also like to show respect.

Time for some much deserved morning exercise? This man was doin' his thang at 5:30 in the morning. It was already plenty hot and humid, hence why he was definitely not alone doing Tai Chi around the "lake" in Hanoi, Vietnam. The lake was surrounded by herds of people doing group Tai Chi.

This photo was taken at the Chinese border. This woman made the best "Tarot" ever (Vietnamese treat/dessert).

Smiling is an international language. I will always remember this woman's smile. This was at a meat & fish market in northern Vietnam.

City boys - Saigon, Vietnam. Seeing a smile on someone's face is the best feeling ever. These school boys knew I was pointing my camera in their direction and as soon as they passed right in front of me, they cracked a smile :)

Taking a photo of this lovely beret-wearing man was a must. He was our host in a small countryside hamlet. We shared our meals with his family and other French tourists. One my favorite moments in Vietnam.

I wish this photo was of better quality. This older lady had so much style with her big 80's glasses, her cropped pants and her ethnic "Red Mong" head scarf. I took this photo in Sapa,Vietnam – the highlight of my trip. Such a beautiful mountain town.

This is my favorite photo, hands down. Love this man's look! Simply love it. We were the only tourists in this small Northern Vietnam village. If I could only remember the village's name.

This is at a typical weekend market near Sapa. I loved the colors of this ethnic group called "les mongs fleuris or the flowered-mongs".