Sunday, June 17, 2012

Designer Dimanche: Krane

Fresh and innovative design concepts are often lacking in men fashion hence why I am always happy to see more emerging designers focusing on our beloved, yet at times, unfashioned men.
Ready-to-wear men fashion tends to stick to the conventional and “safer” roads known to the North American average Joe. But for Ken Chow – creative director and founder at Kranehis designs go beyond the normative rules, re-interpreting classic pieces in men fashion all-together. Krane’s s/s 2012 collection was showcased in an innovative and creative way. Although I overheard the photo pit complain about how difficult it was to shoot the show, to me, it was the perfect interactive and conceptual presentation we’d been missing all week.
Cute indie nerds walked the runway in vintage boyish looks and uniforms very reminiscent of the 1940s and 1950s. Chow’s minimalist approach was prevalent in his re-invention of the white dress shirt: leather harness-like straps englobed the shirts and  boldly-coloured zippers were sewed onto the front of shirts.  Bow ties, gelled hair combed to the side, Wayfarer style sunglasses and Doc Marten boots made for an eclectic/classic with a modern twist look.
Models would swagger to the end of the runway to pause mid-way in front of a display of mismatched whites and blues on their way back. Models would adopt poses at various angles: sideways and face-to-face with the audience (for detail viewing I presume). Some adopted a rather swervy route passing behind other displays to pick up bags of different shapes and forms to then hook them up onto these very same displays. Once all bags were hung, bag-less models came by to unhook the bags and carry them away.
Adorable waxed cotton and leather carry-alls and a light grey-green jacket that converted into an over-the-shoulder accessory were also sported by our nerds.
For me, this show was a breath of fresh air because Krane does men fashion the way it should be done: innovative and fearless.
– Claire Miglionico

Photo Credit: Peroni Moda Files 

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