Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Behind-The-Scenes: a short film in the Crowsnest Pass

Kaila in the "meadow". 

It started with a Monday morning of Raleigh in my car. Then, chills down my spine which meant an idea was slowly started to form from the music: vivid imagery of a girl frolicking somewhere in the countryside.
For the past couple months, I've been meaning to get together with my friend Ali Frost to create a short film of some sort but the inspiration was just not there. Well, believe it or not, this time around, we did not waste time.
The idea blossomed on Monday, we talked about it the day of and also found an actor that very same day; we also had our first meeting discussing the storyboard, and the film's shooting location. On Tuesday, we finished the storyboard and on Wednesday, we met up with Kaila, our solo actress for the project.

We shot the film in the beautiful Crowsnest Pass on Saturday. It was the perfect location with lots of green fields, beautiful scenic views, and ghostly towns. It was great to also catch up with Kevin, a friend of ours who has been living in the Pass for the past two years as a reporter for The Crowsnest Pass Promoter.

It was a great weekend of productivity and creativity and a great time to catch up with old friends.

Thanks to Ali, Kaila, Kaila's lovely assistant, Eymeric and Kevin for the lovely day in the mountains.

protecting myself from the mosquitos!

Kaila serene

still asleep but soon to be awake 
in focus. 

rolling camera! meadow shot!

big-ass tire

purrrdy view!

Mediterranean-style house in deserted Coleman, AB
spin away

abandoned farmhouse

talking to director Ali 


bench shot

the train came! 

making of a fish with a rusty railway nail. *sketchy* - the nail part. 
Photography by Claire Miglionico. Shots of me by Eymeric Widling

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