Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Yoga Schedule and Back to Life.

It's been a good two months I haven't done any yoga and I need it like a coffee addict needs its coffee. It's been a good month I haven't done anything productive it feels like. I sit on my ass a lot wondering how to get it together and which direction I want to take with life and this blog. I finally graduated from journalism and ever since my last exam, I have been extremely lazy, sleepy and unmotivated. It's been getting better and sharing this yoga schedule will help me get back on track! My goal isn't to go to yoga everyday. Once a week for the first and second week, then going back to twice a week for the third, fourth and fifth week, then by the sixth week three times a week. 
As for my blog, I'm seriously thinking of getting some sweet freelance interior stories done on a regular basis comes September. 
I got quite down thinking I wasn't able to see things clearly but, in all honesty, I think sitting down and doing nothing helped me see clearly. It's been a good month of watching movies, eating out, going out, drinking with friends and not getting anything done and now I feel finally ready to get back on track and achieving some of my biggest goals. 

I do yoga at Pro Bodies in Marda Loop. 

Here's when I could go to yoga:

MONDAY - Yoga from the Heart 5:30 pm
TUESDAY - Yoga from the Heart 9:30 am 
WEDNESDAY - Structural Yoga 7 pm
THURSDAY - Yoga from the Heart 9:30 am 
FRIDAY - Yoga from the Heart 9:30 am
SATURDAY - Yoga from the Heart 10:00 am 
SUNDAY - Yoga 9:30 am 

Some benefits yoga provides me with:
-disappearance of moodiness
-disappearance of anxiety

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