Tuesday, May 22, 2012

cheap Ikea finds

Ironically, ever since I've been done journalism school, I've been wanting to undertake something completely different: interior design (but for now, I'm highly thinking of turning Hipster in a Tub in a feature-length design blog starting in September).
I've been reading design magazines – Dwell, Canada's Style at Home and Anthology (found in Cathedral Village in Regina, SK) – and been looking up design ideas and design blogs. Anything design will hype me up which makes me think it could be the passion I've been looking for for a very long long time!
Even the trip to Ikea today was nothing unusual but always fun for cheap finds such as scented candles, clocks, and pillows.

Boyfriend's been wanting me to "spice up his place" so here's what we brought home with us today.
Olunda picture frame. Motif created by Jane Ormes, $14.99
Skor wall clock, glass $12.99
Gislev rug in red, $29.99 
Klabb table lamp in pink, $29.99

Eivor Fagel cushion in red, $7.99

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