Sunday, January 15, 2012

My room has orange walls

Ideally, I'd live in a tree house (dead serious) but I am more than content with my little orange square of an office (previously my bedroom. I now zzz in the basement where it's permanently the north pole).

For the new year, I wanted to get rid of a lot of books, objects, clothes I had no interest in anymore. For the longest time, I kept everything – and I mean everything – tucked away in various little corners of my room to the point where it was perma-chaotic just to look for something. I had piles of receipts from previous purchases, books and class notes from grade 9, and clothes and books I simply didn't wear or didn't read (or never wore, never read). I used to want to keep everything just in case or "just 'cuz" but I finally grew tired of this growing clutter.

Today, I finished ripping apart a bag full of old receipts, made room on my trestled desk , found posters and old paintings I've been wanting to frame for a good while and most importantly, I got rid of a lot of shit (all in big garbage bags ready for consignment stores, Fair's Fair, and Value Village).

I have never felt so clutter-free in my entire life so I felt the urge to take a bunch of photos in a Design Sponge kind of way.

And yet, you shall see that my room still looks filled with stuff '... Do enjoy!

Photography: Claire Miglionico

I finally nailed my white pendulum clock to the wall, next to Jason, Andy, suited men (not a big fan of Ok Go but liked 'em suits!) and right beneath "dream". On my lil' brown couch: I found this art therapy painting I had done last year. It's really odd but I like it for some reason.  I'm thinking of framing it. I also found a map of Versailles from my 2007 France travels – also something I'd like to frame. Right above my lil' brown couch is a newspaper cut out from the Reflector of a layout of peeps sporting 'stashes for Movember. I dig 'em moustaches thus why it had to go on my wall. On the right is my closet and above my closet sits a fake-vintage Portobello Road sign from my travels to London, UK in 2008. Underneath my desk are boxes full of newspapers and such. 

A little close up of my wall: everything is always crooked, never straight, but I'm OK with that. The postcards are from Toronto fashion week. They were in fashion designer Baby Steinberg's gift bags. I liked the postcards hence why they are now on my walls.

This is my work area, where I wrote most of my reviews for Calgary Fashion and where I do most of my projects and write most of my essays. The blue corduroy backpack that's hanging from the chair is from Urban Outfitters (hehe)'s quite sturdy. 

Ceramic lizard I brought back from Guadeloupe. 

This bookcase holds all of my travel books. On top are two buckets filled with toques and scarves. The mickey mouse box holds childhood photos of friends, shared moments etc and the brown envelope next to it has old Hollywood photos given to me by my grandpa who owned a photography shop back in the days. My good friend Jessica gave me the frame with photos of both of us. The first photo was taken at a journalism reunion in September 2009 and the second one St.Patricks Day 2009 at the good ol' Liberty Lounge. 

I actually found the big New York book in a London bookstore. I didn't buy it there because it was too heavy to bring home. I ordered it online in Calgary. Not the greatest photo book ever. I think I mainly liked the idea of where I had originally found this book. I have yet to go to Vienna. 

These are my cork boards. They are kind of inspiration boards. I just pin random stuff on there. I have postcards from friends, a thank you letter from a student I used to tutor, a letter from The New York Times' Senior Editor Sheila Rule wishing me all the best (I applied for a summer internship at The New York Times a couple of years ago. I knew I wouldn't get it, but it was quite cool to receive that letter,  a keepsake really!). My latest addition to the boards is a calendar of all fashion weeks around the world given to me by Margy MacMillan – MRU's sweetest librarian. 

I found the rooster alarm clock in the basement in a plastic box of things of the past. It was my first clock. I must of been five-years-old. Next to it is my lomo camera I love dearly. I haven't used it in awhile but thinking I will soon. My yellow one-eyed piggy has a lot of pennies I need to roll...It was given to me by a friend in high school. 

The Diana camera is ceramic-inspired. The photo frame is of my cat Toupi when he was a year old. I took the photo at our old place in Montreal. 
Books and mags. Love 'em. I love reading on interior design, art and fashion. is a compilation of 365 movies to see (not all Academy Award nominess or winners, thank god) and Treehouses of the world showcases the coolest tree houses around the world.