Friday, December 2, 2011

December Day with : Binzento Vincente

Vincent Law is a 28-year-old science geek from Calgary, AB with an undeniable flair for fashion. Law leads a contrasting double life : in the daytime, he does medical research at a lab, at night, he becomes the ultimate fashion butterfly: he blogs for Binzento Vincente – his personal fashion blog, can be spotted at most, if not all, fashion soirees around the city, and is a TV personality for Fairchild TV's The Alberta Report. As of recent, Law has also added "staff writer" at Calgary Fashion to his well-rounded resume. 
Law's eclectic sense of style stands out the most in our fairly conservative city. At events, most people dress to impress but fall short of ingenuity. Long wavy hair, mini dresses, and towering platforms grow old but Law's style grows to intrigue: it's always exciting to see what he will be sporting next. Will it be a whimsical Hello Kitty necklace, a pillowy neck warmer or a tuxedo vest paired with golden shoes and floppy dress pants? For the record, Law has never failed to impress me with his quirky sense of dress, hence why a photo shoot was in order! 
For this photoshoot, Law and I made our way to Prince's Island Park. It's December 2nd and it's an ideal sunny winter morning. A touch of snow is apparent on the ground making for the perfect contrast with Law's black leg warmers and zipped-up cape. Among many more, Law loves Japanese designers, and here, he is sporting a deep blue Issey Miyake button shirt. Morever, Law wears a cape from Indu Homme – a clothing company from Singapore –, Levi's floppy jeans, white sneakers from Zara, leg warmers by Vblack and a neck warmer from K2 Factory. 

- Claire

In brief:
Name: Vincent Law

Age: 28
medical researcher
TV host 
Calgary Fashion staff writer 
fashion blogger at Binzento Vincente

Vincent wears:

Shoes: Zara
Cape: Indu Homme
Shirt: Issey Miyake
Pants/Jeans: Levi's
Neck warmer: K2 Factory
Leg warmers: Vblak

Photoshoot location:
Prince's Island Park - Calgary, AB

About this post: 
Author & photographer: Claire Miglionico
journalism student at MRU
Calgary Fashion editor
personal blogger at Hipster in a Tub
fashion columnist at The Reflector
Contact info:
Twitter: @clairemig

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