Sunday, August 26, 2012

Designer Dimanche: David Dixon

The best is often saved for last. For most fashion experts, David Dixon’s s/s 2012 collection – the second last show before Denis Gagnon – was a pure delight. He delivered beautiful cocktail dresses, feminine gowns and blouses/pencil skirts combos while staying true to his colour palette of choice : pastel yellows, whites and blacks. The restricted use of these colours made for a harmonious collection.
Larger-than-life butterfly prints were spotted on a few blouses and floor-length gowns. Personally, I found the collection to be too typical. The designs were elegant but lacked that avant-garde or adventurous feel I like to see in designs. The lines were classic and lacked sculptural properties. Most gowns and cocktail dresses looked straight out of a regular prom dress shop where I could actually see David Dixon’s collection make profit. Moreover, I thought the butterflies were, in my eyes,  not such a good addition to the collection. Don’t get me wrong, butterflies are pretty but, in this case, they came across as a childish and poor design choice. There were a couple pieces I could see friends wearing, but never did I come across a design I would want for myself. Dixon is nonetheless a talented designer, but in upcoming years, I’d love to see a creative shift in his designs. Perhaps David Dixon, similarly to Judith & Charles like to stay true to the norms and designs that will remain classics until the end of time. Everyone has their own design style after all and everyone will have diverse opinions on such matter.
-Claire Miglionico

Photo source: Real Style Network

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